OPERATIONS DIRECTOR. Optimization, Controlling and Control in Operative Business

(Moscow, March, 30-31, Borodino**** Business Hotel)


The program is prepared for: Operational Directors, Chief Decurity Officers and Audit Departments

Key Speakers: 

Fülöp Gabriella – Director of Audit Department in Spar (Earlier— CBA, Match, COOP, Tesco). Belongs to TOP-50 specialists in loss control (Trade Magazine version).

Tibor Kiss— Director of physical and economic security CBA (ранее — SPAR, COOP, Mercedes)



1. Optimization

  • Optimization of operation expences
  • Optimization of trade stocks
  • Optimization of stock distribution stages in shops (merchandize and shelf space)
    • Dynamic planning of the shelf-mirroring
  • Organizing of communication surfaces and system of continuous online process monitoring
    • Retail-Smart System

2. Controlling

  • Structure of the Controlling Department, performance indicators
  • Targeted indicators of the Controlling Department business
  • Renewed CCRS Map
  • Algorithm of revision and  controlling processing

3. Control

  • Structure of the Security Department and functionality
  • Main goals and authorities
  • Loss types, controlled by the Security Department: price reduction, defects, spoilages, internal and off-the-office thefts,cash-desk losses, unidentified losses

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