CARREFOUR – a wide network that is represented by hypermarkets, supermarkets and small stores. Carrefour Polska Group owns 3 store formats: hypermarkets Carrefour, supermarkets Carrefour Market and regular stores Carrefour Express. Besides, the chain possesses 44 petrol stations. Hypermarkets are equipped with bakeries which realize a lot of pastry. All goods with Carrefour logotype actualized in this network have guaranteed quality.


KAUFLAND – a group which belongs to 10 largest European trade enterprises and occupies the leading positions in the market (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Roumania, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic). There are more than 150 stores in Poland. The guarantee system for clients, a large choice of goods, high quality and low prices are envisaged by this chain. Assortment of food products is added by electronics and electrotechnology goods, textiles, office supplies, toys and season offers.  The majority of stores possesses own bakeries which offer tasty sorts of bread. Kaufland chain is also characterized by a great assortment of fruits and vegetables.


STOKROTKA is a supermarket retail that was founded in 1994. Each supermarket Stokrotka has from 6 up to 10 thousand various names of goods among which are either generally known products or those supplied by local producers. Assortment of goods is quite rich: food and household products, beauty aids. All day long Stokrotka stores offer a variety of fresh pastry, meat and sausages, fruits and vegetables.


SPOLEM LUX is considered to be the biggest traditional Poland network that includes over 4000 stores and presents a part of Spolem holding company. In 2013 a sales volume exceeded 7 MLD zlotys. The main assortment is food products the percent of which amounted to 89,5%. Spolem part or Spolem Southern Prague owns 15 stores SpolemLux and 4 Spolem Lux mini.


PIOTRIPAWEL – a chain of supermarkets that has been presented in Polish market for 23 years. At present 104 stores are located in 60 towns throughout the country. An average trade area is 1100 m2, a range – to 15 000 points. Last year a supermarket chain PiotrIPawel enlarged its СТМ assortment up to 300. A wide raw of goods, high quality, reasonable prices – these are traits of this network. In 2014 the company plans to open more than 20 new supermarkets.


DELIKATESY CENTRUM is a part of Eurocash group which is one of the leaders among wholesale distributors of consumer goods (FMCG) in Poland. A franchising chain unites over 800 stores. Delikatesy Centrum put an emphasis on high quality of products and comfortable location. The first store was opened in 1999.


BIEDRONKA – the largest retail network in Poland, it unifies over 2200 stores with total amount of staff equal to 45 000 people. Biedronka stores collaborate with 500 Polish producers in order to offer goods of high quality at quite reasonable prices. The majority of realized products is made at a request specially for Biedronka. The company logotype is one of the most popular and recognized in Poland: three times it was awarded as «Superbrands». Today it is considered to be the most successful project of discounter format.


LIDL is a German network that occupies a significant place in Polish market. In the stores of this chain you can see a wide range of food products and manufactured goods: clothes, shoes, tools, furniture, household appliances, toys and so on. The company maintains close relations with its local producers and distributors of milk and meat products. Thus such goods are accessible only in Lidl. In 2014 the company plans to open over 30 stores and a Distribution Center.


NETTO – a food products network of self-service, which offers goods of first priority at low prices. The quantity of stores on Polish territory is 319. All Netto stores have similar assortment – about 1000 main positions apart from some special offers. The latter means products offered just once, usually branded ones. Fresh meat, products to keep in refrigerator, fresh fruits and vegetables are under everyday control.


ŻABKA POLSKA is a food products retail network, the market part of which is 4%, however it is one of leaders with 3600 stores throughout the country. An average store area is 65 m2, assortment is equal to 1800 SKU. The chain is planning to open 5600 new stores by 2017 and reach goods volume of 3 billion dollars.


FRESHMARKET supermarkets offer only fresh products. Usually such stores are situated in dormitory town. The first store was opened in 2009 and today there are over 600 stores in Poland. A trade area varies from 150 to 300 m2, assortment includes 4000 SKU. Regional goods are in the center of company’s concern.