We offer our services to organize corporative training and rest in Europe – for your employees and partners.

     In modern quickly changing world development is quite necessary. It is difficult to keep success without getting any experience and on the contrary, entrance to international level will surely distinguish your company from competitors.

    Training programs are prepared according to personal request, depending on your business tasks in close collaboration with leading specialists of European retail companies.

For our corporative clients we have set up special offers:

  • Personal approach to cost forming of training;
  • Personal manager who is responsible for training process from beginning to end;
  • Formation and adaptation of a course according to the needs of a client;
  • Preparing an individual schedule of training.

     Taking into account our 10-years experience, we select a method of training and organization which will give the maximum effect and enhance the level of your company staff. Except the very training program, we provide all the issues related to organization of a journey – transfers, hotels, culture schedule – all the points to turn your training into vivid and fruitful experience.

     In the last several years our company has become a reliable partner for leading Russian retails by training their directors, top-managers and business owners. A list of speakers, extra information, examples of realized projects are available at the request: info@eurostandards.eu

     We will be glad to see you and your colleagues among our participants of corporative seminars!