2016 Standard. Managing a Shop as a Business Process in TESCO.

October 13-14, Moscow, Borodino**** Business Hotel

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György Kovacs, Operational Department, Former Director of Strategy, Eastern Division of TESCO

Peter Ivanich, Chief Operating Officer, TESCO, Slovakia


The audience: Owners and Directors of Retail Networks, Chief Operating Officers and Commercial Directors, Heads of Quality, Purchase and etc. Departments.



  • Operational Management Tools, Optimization of Work 
  • The New Realities of “Neighbourhood Shop” Format
  • Inventory Management in the Store Section
  • Brain Storm, Business Game: Supply chain vs Regional Leaders


AMONG OUR PARTICIPANTS — representatives of Food, Drogerie, DIY networks:

Abramova N.P. Chief Operating Officer, Axon, Kostroma;
Adamova P.V. Director of the Moscow Division, Ulybka radugi, Moscow; 
Altukhova А.Y. Territorail Manager, Group of Companies “April”,Krasnodar;
Bogachev V.А. Managing Director, Karavan, Chita;
Bolotov А.Е. Chief Operating Officer, Retail Chain “Zvezdny”, Yekaterinburg;
Bolotova I. Head of the Russian Representation, Jos de Vries the Retail Company, Moscow;
Bystrova T. Head of Organizational Management Department , Gulliver, Ulyanovsk;
Vorobyova А.M. Territorail Manager, Group of Companies “April”,Krasnodar;
Goncharova I.А. Store Manager, Onix, Leninsk-Kuznetsky;
Guledani S. Operations Director of MARKET format, Azkuka vkusa, Moscow;
Deryagina L.А. Head of Retail and Marketing Department, Nika, Vitebsk, Belarus;
Dolgov V. Director of MARKET format, Azkuka vkusa, Moscow;
Dyukarev D.V. Deputy Director, Retail Chain “Evropa”, Kursk;
Zhelezko А. DirectorNika, Vitebsk, Belarus;
Zyablitskaya N.V., Acting Deputy Manager of Sales DepartmentRetail Chain Anix, Biysk;
Ibragimov T.I. Manager of Operations Department, Duslyk, Naberezhnye Chelny;
Kazarinova Y. Director, Super-roznitsa, Moscow;
Karmanov V.N. CEO, Bubl Gum,, Vladivostok;
Kirdyapkin А.S. Chief Operating Officer, Stroitelny Boom, Orsk;
Kireykov G.V., Green, Minsk;
Kustov А.N. Project Manager, Axon, Kostroma;
Kutserubov К.К.Commercial Director, Bubl Gum, Vladivostok;
Kolmakov Y.V. Chief Operating Officer, Ekonom, Tambov;
Kosterin О.S., Director InClick, Tyumen;
Lizunov D.А. Executive Director, Management Company Technosystem, Novokuznetsk;
Litavina А.М. Chief Operating Officer, Karavan, Chita;
Markova О.V. Commercial Director, NOVEX, Barnaul;
Moiseyeva N.V.Director of the Retail Chain “Pobeda”, Gulliver, Ulyanovsk;
Nesterenko Y.V., Promstroyservis, Norilsk;
Novozheyeva Т.M. Chief Operating Officer of Lux House Store, Promstroyservis, Norilsk;
Novosyolova N.А. The Head of the Consulting Group “Super Retail” 
Nosov I.V. Chief Operating Officer, Duslyk, Naberezhnye Chelny;
Pipchenko А.P. Retail Sales Director, Molniya, Chelyabinsk;
Plekhotkina О.V. Territorial Director of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Ulybka Radugi
Podmazova L.P. CEO, Promstroyservis, Norilsk;
Poltoratskaya О.N. Deputy Director, Retail Chain “Evropa” Kursk;
Pozdnyakov Y.М. CEO, Pchelka, Samara;
Pushkin S.V. Head of Sales Coordination and Client Service Department , Zelgros, Moscow;
Sakhchinskaya М.S. CEO, Begemot, Tolyatti;
Sivolodsky А.V., Manager of Sales Department, Retail Chain “Anix”, Biysk;
Sidekhmenova О.P. Director of the Retail Chain, Gulliver, Ulyanovsk;
Sikachina D.А. Director of Logistics, Gulliver, Ulyanovsk;
Smirenskaya N.V. Supermarkets Supervisor, Izhtrading, Izhevsk;
Sokolova Y.P. Director of Retail Network, Yelisey, Yekaterinburg;
Sologub Т.V. HR Director, Bubl Gum, Vladivostok;
Sosedchik V.М. Deputy Director of the Organization of the Sales Network, Green, Minsk;
Sychkova А.А. Deputy Commercial Director, Group of Companies “April”, Krasnodar;
Tazetdinov R.А. Chief Operating Officer, Essen, Yelabuga;
Tarasova К. Chief Operating Officer, OptoClub Ryady, Saint Petersburg;
Filipchuk Е.V. CEO, NOVEX, Barnaul;
Khartsyzov А.М. CEO, Key Products Retail Group, Cherkessk;
Khramtsova Y.V. Store Manager, Onix, Leninsk-Kuznetsky;
Charykova А.А. Retail Sales Director, Bubl Gum, Vladivostok;
Shaubert L.А. Chief Operating Officer, Trade Group “Izhtrading”, Izhevsk;
Sheptsov S.N. Logistics Manager, Bubl Gum, Vladivostok;
Shirokov P.А. Chief Operating Officer, Bubl Gum, Vladivostok;
Shorov К.М. Director of a Network of Shops, Key Products Retail Group, Cherkessk;
Schipitsina Y.N., Director, Prakticheskaya Magiya, Perm;
Schipkov А.V. Chief Operating Officer, Elektrotekhnitcheskaya kompaniya, Astrakhan;
Shurygina V.А., Molniya, Chelyabinsk;
Yantushkin S.А. Head of Quality Department, Gulliver, Ulyanovsk
Yaroslavtseva V.V. Molniya, Chelyabinsk.
                                                                      PHOTOS FROM THE SEMINAR “CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER” (OCTOBER 13-14, 2016)
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